The Failure Show, February 2020

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Soldate 60 clay, with underglaze, cone 6 glaze, and gold luster, 18"h x 10"w



Soldate 60 clay, underglaze, cone 6 glaze, mother of pearl luster firing, 22" long x 8-12" wide. Base made from carved foam insulation, with house paint, bamboo spikes, tree branches, and paper with ink painting of night sky.


If Doubts Were Dimes coin bank. 

Soldate 60 clay, with underglazes and cone 6 glaze. Approx 24" tall x 12" wide.



Soldate 60, underglaze, and gold foil paint. Head is separate from the body. Approx 2' tall, 2' wide at widest point.


The Call to Hephaestus 

Thrown Stoneware, raku fired, with woven paper (india ink) and Soldate 60 sculpted birds, with underglaze and gold luster. Approx total 3.5' tall x 2' at widest point. Vessel approx: 10"x5"


The Conceit 

Soldate 60 clay, with underglaze, pastel powder, and house paint. Approx 15"tall x 12" wide.

Cartoon Platters

Platters hung directly from hooks designed using a 4" length of high fire wire. Clay was molded around the wire in the shape of a hook leaving a few inches of wire exposed. After firing the hooks, all but 1 inch of the excess wire was cut off, which was threaded into a pre-drilled hole in the studio wall.

Platter with hook, Soldate 60 clay, underglaze and cone 6 glaze. Most are 1'X1' or 8"x8 with slight variation in sizes.

The Strange Beauty Show, August 2019

This group show was developed by myself and Chris Wright. My goal was to showcase a piece by Chris Wright titled Miss Collateral Damage, an anti-war piece. We named the show after lyrics in the Rolling Stones' song Salt of the Earth. We asked each of the 8 other invited artists to show art that is strangely beautiful. Participating artists: Rachel Bleil, Peggy Breidenbach, Andrew Perry Davis, Debbie Kirby, Kirsten Lund, Jude Odell, Danielle Pugel, Cris Rivas, Kenny Sprinkle, and Chris Wright.



Soldate 60 clay, underglaze fired to 05. Approx 18" tall x 7" at widest point.


Lord of the Flies 

Head sculpted with Soldate 60 clay, underglaze. Paper banner with india ink, spray painted gold plaster column.

The Stone You Carry, August 2019


The Stone You Carry 

Sculpted with Soldate 60 , with underglaze. Approx 32" x 24"

My Heart Exhibit, September 2018



Stoneware with velvet underglaze. Approx 22" tall


Once Upon A Time And Always

Stoneware with velvet underglaze. Moveable links connected to a stationary set of lungs. Approx 2' long x 10" tall.


We Come An Go Unnoticed Named after a song by Von Stranz.

Stoneware with velvet underglaze. Named after a song by Von Stranz. Approx 14" tall



Stoneware with velvet underglaze. Approx 16" x 16"


Your Sulfrous Bellows 

Stoneware with velvet underglaze and acrylic paint. Approx 18" tall

The Rythm of You

Table Top sculpture consisting of porcelain flowers with velvet underglaze and acrylic paint, silica sand, and leftover charcoal collected from the bottom of the train kiln fire box at the Indianapolis Art Center. As long and wide as a person lying prone.

Under Sea, September 2017

     Under Sea

10 sets of 2 each Gastropoda Fantasia made for Gallery 924's annual TINY exhibit.  


Made for the annual Fish and Ships show at the Fountain Square Clay Center.

Student Showcase, September 2017

A Country of My Own 


Wind At Her Work 

Made with stoneware, and velvet underglazes as well as canvas and wooden dowels. The head sits at the top of the tile tableau.

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