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Cris Rivas Ceramics

Instagram: crisrivasceramicsetc

The Stone You Carry

     My goal is to make sculptures that locate emotional states within a body reimagined using magic realism and poetic figuration.


     My visual language includes a lot of texture, color, and mark-making with the intention of creating vivid surfaces that engage both me and the observer. 


      I believe that my work is the direct result of having the ability to roam free as a kid with my older sisters and cousins in the neighborhood of Northeast Kansas City, and the woods and pastures of rural Missouri and Tennessee.  


     Drawing, painting, and sculpting were an ever present part of my very blue-collar childhood. My mother was an amateur painter and my father was endlessly drawing, carving, and building things with his hands. 


     I first began making ceramic sculpture in 2014. Prior to that I studied classical and contemporary drawing and printmaking. As of fall 2023 I maintain a private studio at the Fountain Square Clay Center in Indianapolis, Indiana and I am a founding member of the Indy Clay Co-op.

The Stone You Carry

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