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Notes About Test Tiles 

  • Tiles were made from a mid-range porcelain clay body, fired in a small (2 ring) electric L&L kiln to cone 5.

  • Since I primarily make sculptures I am interested in depth, texture, and thickness of glaze results.

  • All glazes are Amaco Low Fire Gloss, Low Fire Matt or a combination of the two.

  • Glazes were brushed on with the brush pictured here.

  • Whenever glazes were combined they were added in equal parts.

  • Each coat was allowed to dry between applications.

  • "Tiles" are edited images of extruded test tiles. The back of the tile is in the left portion of the image, the front of the tile - with the undulating texture - is in the right half of the image.

  • Tiles are numbered for my organizing purposes.

  • For best resolution tap the image. Un-tap for information about the particular tile that you are viewing.

  • Questions and feedback are welcome. Please email me at: or drop me a comment on my Instagram account: crivasetc

Coral LM progression

Coral LM over LG glazes

Coral LM color mixes

LG glazes over Coral LM